How I used 5,000 ppm Colloidal Silver to Kill Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

I’ve been pleasantly surprised twice this year to watch basal cell carcinoma skin cancer disappear using a drop of 5,000 ppm colloidal silver. A raised bump on my forearm and another on the back of my hand started to flake. They looked like the one pictured above. One I let go longer and it cracked the skin and opened like a sore. No pain or discomfort.

The first one on my forearm I caught early before it cracked and opened and it disappeared almost immediately.  The second one had started to crack and open and it took a few days longer to disappear treating it daily with a drop of silver.

As a result of these two spots I’ve decided to start taking several drops of 5,000 ppm colloidal silver daily sublingually under the tongue.

The 5,000 ppm colloidal silver isn’t the silver you find at most health food stores. Check the label, those brands are normally only 50 ppm. I buy the much stronger 5,000 ppm online.

I had a similar experience 8 years ago with squamous cell carcinoma on my ex-wife’s chest.  She spent years sunbathing and had numerous basal cell carcinomas frozen off by her dermatologist regularly. But this one on her chest rose up about the size of a BB with a crusty cover that was very sore even when clothes brushed over it.  She had it biopsied and it came back squamous cell carcinoma and surgery was scheduled in 6 weeks.

Because of the discomfort she was willing to try something natural. I mixed a capsule of AllicinMax Garlic with regular 50 ppm colloidal silver into a paste and applied it to the cancer and covered it with a gauze bandage.  It completely disappeared as well. Overnight.

On the day of the surgery I went with my wife to the dermatologist’s office to see what her thoughts were on what happened to this squamous cell carcinoma. We were willing to pay for another biopsy, however there was no cancer left to biopsy.  After explaining this to the dermatologist she turned to my wife and said, “there’s no medically tested evidence that garlic and colloidal silver can kill skin cancer, (except for the evidence right in front of all three of us, I thought). If you don’t have that area removed today it could metastasize throughout your body and into the lymph nodes. I strongly urge you to have the surgery today.” This was a scare tactic and an effort to keep the scheduled charge for the surgery and operating room. It was my ex-wife’s decision and she opted to have the surgery.

They removed a football shaped area around the skin cancer that was easily 5 to 6 square inches of skin and sewed it back up.  My ex-wife had no idea, nor did they explain to her that they were removing that much skin around a BB sized skin cancer. They had to use a photo of the skin cancer from her previous visit to operate and may be one reason they took such a large area.


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