Outside Your Birdcage: Historical Origins Of The Jesuit Order

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jul 04, 2024

Ezekiel Diet Note:  Birdcage is a CIA term used for mind control.

All the largest alternative media platforms are Jesuit gatekeepers. If the platform has a decent following; they’re Vatican Jesuit gatekeepers. There’s an intentional ongoing conspiracy in the alternative media today to hide the information in this documentary. You have to go way out on the fringes of the Alternative Media to get the rest of the story. The one’s telling you the truth are heavily throttled, demonetized and deplatformed as soon as they show up on the Vatican Jesuit radar.

I listened to Dr. Stan Monteith for almost a decade, up to 5 hours a day, without realizing the significance at the time that he was a former Knight of Malta member. He hid the Vatican Jesuit role on the world stage and history. They all do.  I didn’t figure this out until after his death. It was like a kick in the gut to find out Stan was openly obfuscating the truth by omission. All your huge, beloved and trusted alternative media personalities are Vatican Jesuit gatekeepers.

If they’re promoting (agreeing with) Vatican Jesuit inspired lies (against all the facts to the contrary) about space travel, moon landings, globe earth, Heliocentric universe, the secret rapture, future 7 year tribulation, future 7 year reign of Anti-Christ; they’re Vatican Jesuit gatekeepers.

Jesuit Priest Doug Gabriel and Michael McKibben claim “it’s the Pilgrim Society”. I see this as just another attempt, in my opinion, to deflect attention away from the Vatican. Their last interview displayed open anger that the stupid Protestants won’t twitter into this Pilgrim Society birdcage. The Pilgrim Society may be a big toe or even a leg of the anti-Christ Jesuit order, but my spirit resists the idea that they’re at the top. It might stick to anyone without the Holy Spirit; but I think the idea won’t catch on because too many Christians aren’t being fooled.

With a long holiday weekend looming check out this documentary.  Eric Jon Phelps has a segment,  I don’t endorse his views about a separate white race but he’s spot on regarding everything else.

Historical Origins of the Jesuit Order. The Diabolical Society of Jesus & Knights of Malta Exposed!

A Hidden History and the War Against Humanity.

“The Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] is the enemy of man. The whole human race should unite for its overthrow. …For there is no alternative between its total extirpation, and the absolute corruption and degradation of mankind.” – Robert J. Breckinridge (author)

Based on the Book by Robert J. Breckinridge 1835. Video Maker Unknown

38:29 Eric Jon Phelps – Author of Vatican Assassins. Interview by Greg Szymanski’s Investigative Journal August 20, 2007

“The Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] is the enemy of man. The whole human race should unite for its overthrow. …For there is no alternative between its total extirpation, and the absolute corruption and degradation of mankind.”
The intro? Well. Sometimes the pictures want to tell a story. That is what they were saying to me.
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– Robert J. Breckinridge (author)

Secreta monita Societatis Jesu.: The secret counsels of the Society of Jesus, in Latin and English. The Latin being the text used in former editions: the English, a new and more literal version.

First published in 1835


The Vatican, the Jesuits, and the New World Order


There are other high level Vatican knighthoods that few know about. One is the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George.

Masons, Knights of Malta, Ties to British Royals and Nazis.

Connection to the Pilgrim’s Society (Chatham House/Cecil Road’s Round Table Group)

Must See Rare Quotes on Jesuits

***There are OTHER High Level Vatican Knighthood’s that Few Know About.***

One is the Sacred
Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. Troy was the first researcher who brought this information to the forefront in the alternative media. Its 2 major branches are the Franco-
Neapolitan branch and the Hispano Neapolitan branch. According to Troy, their stated goal is to continue the war on terror to fight against Muslims (which they call “infidels“). The fight against Muslims, Jews, and Christians (especially if they are conservative) have been a real agenda of the new world order for centuries.

Now, the leader of the Franco-Neapolitan branch is French Jesuit Albert Cardinal Vanhoye. The leader of the Hispano Neapolitan branch is named Infante Carlos or the Duke of Calabria. There has always been big connection between high level Freemasonry and these very powerful Papal Knighthoods. For example, Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons. Prince Michael is the Duke of Kent’s brother. The Duke of Kent is the head or the Grand Master of the UGLE.

The Duke of Kent’s wife (Katherine) and their son Lord Nicholas Windsor are Roman Catholics. Michael’s wife is not only a Roman Catholic. She is the senior Dame of the British and Irish Delegation of the Franco-Neapolitan branch of the Constantinian Order. She is also a Dame of the SMOM within the Order’s British Association. Prince Michael of Kent is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK (the Queen is a part of the Order of the Garter and the Sovereign of the Order of St. John. These group are high level British Royal orders).

The Queen is a part of the Saxe-Coburg Gotha family with family members being Roman Catholics. The Saxe-Coburg Gotha’s ancestor was Ernst II. Back then, Duke Ernst II was the protector and inheritor of Adam Weishaupt (who formed his Bavarian Illuminati group. The Illuminati wanted to use enlightenment principles to create an utopian new world order system. Weishaupt‘s group was banished by the Bavarian government in 1782). The Knights of Malta predate the Order of St. John.

The Archbishop of Cantebury is even a Papal Knight of Francis I. Jacob Rothschild is the Knight of the Queen’s Order of the British Empire and the
Order of merit.

***The Queen defers to the Pope, so the Rothschilds are directly related to European Knighthoods (these Knighthoods are allies of the Papal Knights of Malta. Even Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush received the Knight of Malta award of the Order of Merit). Author F. Tupper Saussy in his book, “Rulers of Evil” found that the Rothschilds bore the title of “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.“***

Pat Buchannan is a famous Knight of Malta that worked with someone that was apart of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird Program (this program was about the CIA controlling the US media).

The Duke of Kent’s brother, the Duke of Gloucester, is the Grand Prior of the Knights of St John (or Most Venerable Order of St John). He is also the First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masons of England. The Pope defers to the Jesuit Superior General. Even King Abdullah of Jordan was Jesuit trained from Georgetown University.
Vernon Walters is a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta (including Jesuit educated from Stonyhurst College in the UK) and one of the most powerful American military leaders of the 20th century. He had ties with Le Cerle and was involved in various CIA coups (in Iran at 1953, in Brazil in 1964, and in Chile in 1973). He would meet with John Paul II and Vernon would support the overthrow of the Sandinista government of Honduras. He spoke fluent languages of German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.

***He was an aide of Pilgrim Society member Averell Harriman. Lord Inge is the President of the Pilgrim Society (Inge is member of the Privy Council and the Order of the Garter).***

Inge is the non-executive chairman of the mercenary firm Aegis Defence Services. Aegis has been awarded a $293 million contract for Iraq in 2004. In 2004 he was made a Privy Councillor. Walters attended Pan American conferences.

***The Pilgrim Society is a very powerful order that rules much of the Anglo-American establishment. It was created in 1902. Queen Elizabeth II is the Patroness of world Freemasonry and the patron of the Pilgrim Society as well. He was a co-founder of the secret group called 61. He was a great promoter of the Cold War hysteria (when both sides were funded by the same people in the Vatican, the Pilgrim Society international bankers, and the rest of the global elite).***


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