10 Best Ways To Avoid Weight Gain On A Cruise

by EzekielDiet.com
Posted on Jun 24, 2019

EZ Diet Note:  I agree with all of these “Best Ways” in the video, plus I would add book a cabin on the other end of the ship from from the dining room. Add some cinnamon extract and organic apple cider vinegar capsules before every meal to stop insulin spikes. Maybe add some charcoal capsules after any radioactive seafood or sushi meal.

Of course avoid bread, pasta, rice, cake, chips and cookies, limit alcohol, but not the desserts and just keep moving.  20 to 30 minutes of normal walking is a mile.

My preferred Atkins/Paleo/Keto desserts are cheesecake (all kinds), ice cream, dark chocolate on  strawberries (or anything really), peanut butter pie, low carb cookies or brownies, peanut butter covered in dark chocolate, fruit with whipped cream, maybe a small slice carrot cake and pecan pie with ice cream.  My experience is most cruise lines use sugar sparingly in desserts. Otherwise all the sugar drug addicts (bless their hearts) would be lined up all the time. They’re just sweet enough to be acceptable, but not sweet enough to want another one.

On average cruisers report putting on between 5 and 10 pounds of weight on a seven-night cruise! I have 10 tips on how you can go on a cruising vacation, have loads of fun and still indulge and avoid piling on the pounds on a cruise. They are all things that work for me, and I come back from my many cruises (including some 7 weeks long) without putting on weight. They are all practical and simple things and do not require hard core workouts or severe restrictions on what to eat and drink. They include some tweaks to cut calories, fun ways to burn calories without much effort and a few quirky ones.

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