Walmart Is Selling Ezekiel Bread from Food for Life

Posted on Mar 22, 2022

A couple weeks ago I was in Florida at what is purported to be the second busiest Walmart in the country and noticed Ezekiel Bread in the freezer “Bread” section.  I was impressed but decided it was probably just this really busy Walmart and not available in all Walmart stores, especially in the outlying areas.

I just saw Ezekiel Bread at another Walmart yesterday at a store that is much smaller with less traffic. The prices are lower than grocery stores by a dollar or more a loaf.

Obviously Food for Life has struck a deal with Walmart who are now stocking their product.

Walmart has  made a real effort in the last 5 years to cater to customers who want more organic, clean food, bread and sauces. I used to buy everything I could at Walmart and then drive to another grocery store for Ezekiel Bread.

This is great news. Good job Food for Life and it’s about time Walmart.

At Walmart I can buy all the following for less than the major grocers like: organic eggs, Kerry Gold butter, Redi Wip topping, some meat, frozen shrimp, graham crackers, coffee, Stevia, seasoning, baking supplies, organic: grapefruit, apples, sweet potato, oranges, celery, carrots, romaine, tomatoes, cabbage, green beans. Maybe pineapple and watermelon (or wadamelon as they say in the south). Not many organic berries unless you buy them frozen which I do for thawberries and Redi Wip. Used to get Fat Free Cream Cheese for cheesecake but they stopped selling. Foil, garbage bags, parchment paper, baggies, toiletries. Detergents and soap. Cleaning supplies and paper goods and purified bottled water. And now Ezekiel Bread too. That’s about everything.


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