From the Fringe: When Your Early Demise Is Good For Business

Posted on Aug 10, 2023

Ezekiel Diet Note:  I realize this video below describes cases in the UK but I suspect the same skullduggery eugenics protocol is most likely being used in the US as well.

What I find interesting is the exact drugs they use in the hospital for end of life treatment are the same drugs used for inmate lethal injection scheduled executions. See:

This is one of the reasons I canceled Medicare’s Part A (hospital) and B (physician care) and kept my high deductible MediShare plan.

I’m not comfortable with the fact that the same agency in charge of funding my missing Social Security benefits (because they’ve been borrowed / stolen) is also the same agency in charge of my medical care, and given the opportunity, I suspect my early demise.  In other words, my early demise would be good for business at the hospital and the agency.

Is it a conflict of interest to allow the same agency that owes you (stolen) retirement funds to have end of life medical control via funding? Bring this up to  someone you know and the average response is a nervous chuckle or laugh. “And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care,” it’s just business as usual for the masses of dumb-asses wearing glasses.

I don’t want to be in this situation at the hospital.


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